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Sublease Space For High Growth Companies In Atlanta

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A Sublease Space Could Be Your Company's Perfect Office Space Solution

An office space sublease can be the ideal solution for a high-growth company looking for a new office space in Atlanta. Consider the following benefits a sublease space can offer as your company gets started in Atlanta:

  • Shorter lease commitment: Subleasing allows for more flexibility as your business grows and changes.
  • Furnished spaces: Most sublease spaces come furnished, saving you time and money on outfitting your office.
  • Discounted rental rates: The rental rate for an office space sublease is typically significantly discounted, which can help your company save money on rent.
  • Less stringent financial qualifications: Subleases typically require less stringent financial qualifications, making it easier for your company to secure the office space it needs.


By taking advantage of an office space sublease, your quickly growing company can find an easy and attractive solution for its office space needs and be in a better position to secure a longer-term lease after it has had a chance to gauge its growth and future office needs. Check out our current “Top Picks” and contact AtlantaSublease.com today to learn more about the best office sublease spaces available in Atlanta for your company’s new office.

Your fast-growing company deserves clear, quick, flexible & affordable insights into the Atlanta real estate market. This is what PCRE excels in and we’ll make sure you’re company’s interests are protected on all fronts!

Our Approach...

Consider Everything and Everyone

Consider Everything and Everyone

When searching for a new workspace, every decision you make has an impact—now and for the future:

- What will this location mean for your employees?
- How will your clients feel when they walk in the door?
- Is there parking?
- Great lunch spots nearby?
- Charging stations for electric vehicles?
- What’s the cost of living in the surrounding neighborhoods?

We’ve helped hundreds of high-growth companies find the perfect home in Atlanta. We know the questions to ask, and we know the answers we need. PCRE will help you create a real estate plan that misses nothing.
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Time Is Money

Time Is Money

If you want an office with flexible and attractive terms, you need to start the process early. The longer you wait, the less leverage you have and the more you will end up paying (or sacrificing) in the end. By starting now, and by leading you through our simple and smart process, we can ensure that you make savvy, money-saving moves at every step.
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Work With Experts

Work With Experts

Every client and every project at PCRE receives principal-level attention. Here, the team of experts who will be handling your leasing project—from brokers to project managers—will be discerning, experienced professionals who know the Atlanta market inside and out. You will get opportunities and insights you won’t find anywhere else.
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Ideal Terms

Ideal Terms

Our experience doesn’t only mean you will see office options nobody else can offer; it also means you will secure the most financially responsible solution. We have relationships with landlords and developers that go back many years. We know how to negotiate a flexible, friendly lease that allows your company to grow.

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